Quality Reconditioned Transformers

Reconditioned Transformers

Delcor Power Products provides transformers with a one year Warranty. We have at our disposal one the largest data bases of reconditioned transformers on the market today. Not only transformers equipment from our own inventory, but transformers that are available from plant closings, surplus from utilities and other sources. Make us your first and only call, Delcor Power.

Your transformer will go through a complete reconditioning process. This is to make sure the transformer you receive will stand the test of time. All parts not up to strict standards will be replaced. This includes all new gaskets, complete reprocessing and repainting of the transformer. The oil will be replaced meeting the latest standards. The equipment would carry a one year warranty unless purchased on a E.OK basis. What most conveniently fits into a standard product line or production protocol. "Standard Production" is the exception, not the rule for Delcor design transformers.

We can have the modifications you need to the transformer to match your configuration. If the transformer has bushings on top and you need them on the side, NO PROBLEM. We can manufacture new terminal boxes or throats, what ever you require.

Delcor can supply reconditioned and surplus transformers up to and including 50 MVA with voltages to 138,000 Delta in station class and up to 38,000 Delta in a pad mount design.

Delcor can provide the following styles

With our years of experience and contacts in the industry, we can provide you with the product that fits your needs. In some instances, we can actually have a transformer on the road to you within hours of your call. So if responsive service and dependable products are your requirement.






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