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10,000/11,200 KVA OA Ratings
12,500/14,000 KVA FA Ratings
3 phase, 60 Hz, 55/65 Degree C rise
Impedance 8.09% @ 10,000 KVA
Primary: 67,000 Delta with taps 2-2 1/2% fcan & fcbn
Secondary: 13,200Y/7,620

Approximate Weights

Core & Coil 23,305 lbs.
Base 13,277 lbs.
Liquid 15,482 lbs. Contains 2,064 gallons of Mineral Oil
Total 52,064 lbs.

Manufactured in 1990
Instruction book # PC1002

Standard Gauges and accessories





We can have thIs unit ready to roll within a short lead time. You just have to call to find out when we can get it rolling your way. Delcor wants to give you as much information as you require to make your decision. Th1s unit was removed from service and have been stored since that time. It was working fine, the customer just upgraded to a larger unit. This unit can have a full electrical test and be on your truck in days. We can have the unit shipped and set up on your site if required. Field installation is availble at additional cost. Just let us know what you need. Give us a call with your exact needs and we will be happy to be of service to you and any one in your company. We will strive to provide exactly what you need or give you additional options to help in your particular requirement.

Delcor can provide the following styles

With our years of experience and contacts in the industry, we can provide you with the product that fits your needs. In some instances, we can actually have a transformer on the road to you within hours of your call. So if responsive service and dependable products are your requirement.

Please call now with your requirements !


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