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Custom and Standard transformers

Dry Transformer


Delcor Power Products is in business to be your supplier for the transformers you require. Whether it is a small specialty dry type transformer for a new machine, a large substation transformer to power the plant you need within hours, we are the source for your requirements. We stock units in sizes to 100 mVA down to 1 kVA to carry the range our customers require. If we don't have it, we can get it with our contacts across the industry. Let us show you what we can do to get you out of trouble or back running as usual. Down time can cost you more than money, it can also cost you customers.

Superior Transformers and Services

Highest Quality Transformers Available

Only the best components go into the transformers we build. The transformer designs are always conservative in nature. This means that if the unit is pushed occasionally, it can handle the stress. Other manufacture's units are designed at the edge and if you go over the edge your transformer could fail.

Knowledge and Personal Service

Whether this is your first time purchasing a transformer or you just have a specific question, the staff is glad to assist you. If the question is about a transformer connection or a special requirement, even if it does not end in a sale, we want you to contact us. We know by building customer relations, when the time comes, we will have you as a customer.

Designs that have stood the test of time.

Delcor Power Products has acquired the designs from a company that had been in business over 70 years. These designs along with the addition of our new computer aided design program can assure you of the best product you can buy on the market today. We still believe copper is the best material to use on our transformers and have standardized in its use. We do also build aluminum units, but that is usually at a specific customer request.

Delcor can provide transformers Worldwide

Whether the application is in North Carolina, Oversea's or in Central America, we can be there for you. Through many years in the industry the staff at Delcor has sold transformers in the Philippines, Iraq, Russia, Guatemala, Costa Rico, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas', Peru, Canada and most important, the United States.


Don't let a Transformer Failure cause you
Lost Revenue and Production Line shut down !

Call Delcor Power Products after hours emergency 24 hours !

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